Children Need Art

I’ve ran across several articles this week highlighting, not just the benefits of art, but the need for art. With a long weekend approaching, I thought I might share a few links for leisure reading.

Phillip Pullman had strong words to say about art being necessary for child health and development. The full article is here: “Children need art and stories and poems and music as much as they need love and food and fresh air and play. 

Tracy Kaske writes about the healing benefits of art for everyone, even those who think they “can’t do” art. Her article Three Ways Art Heals places importance on the connection between the creative process and emotional health.

Even kids’ news sites recognize the usefulness of the arts in our everyday lives. DOGO News published an article about research from the University of Waterloo and the practical benefits of drawing. “Drawing May Be the Key to Acing Your Next Quiz”  might be interesting reading to share and discuss with your child.

Finally, an interesting piece entitled Teaching Young Students About Art — And Much More Besides, From College To Life describes real life accounts of the tremendous impact access to an arts space has had for many teens. The article highlights a nonprofit art center that serves youth, RAW Art Works. “[The center has] joined art therapy, arts education and youth media/filmmaking with youth development. [It is] founded and staffed by arts therapists whose mission is to ignite the desire to create and the confidence to succeed in underserved youth.”